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About Dwarven Workshop and it's creator

Dwarven Workshop is a Des Moines, Iowa based custom woodworking shop. Veteran owned and operated, we are proud to make custom pieces for any part of your home, inside or outside. Hand forging your custom piece with care and attention to detail. Our products can be forged from the materials of your choice, including up-cycled materials. We also like to make comic book themed and sports themed items.  Dwarven workshop works with local sawyers (people who cut wood), so most of our wood we use is local and can sometimes have a fun story with it.  It makes it so we can work with other small business, and we know where the wood came from. 
We would love to work with you to come up with just the right piece for your home or office.
Contact us to start your custom piece today

About Me:

I started building things through out the years, small things and big things. A few years ago I started expanding and late in 2021 I retired from my day job to pursue Dwarven Workshop full time. I named the shop Dwarven Workshop with some geeky inspiration. I have always been a little geeky, taking inspiration from comic books and video games. My personal favorites are Bioshock and Final Fantasy. I take great pride in my creations. I love seeing the process from start to finish. I welcomed in a daughter in 2023, and I care for her and my stepson on top of the shop. Some other things I like to do is read, play video games, and spending time with loved ones. 
The idea of turning my passion into a business came from my adopted brother. He encouraged me to do more and I wanted to use the business to help me with my personal goals. I started by creating some bottle openers, outdoor benches and cribbage boards. Now I make a variety of products both big and small. I am always open to new ideas as well. In addition to the website I also go to farmer's markets, vendor shows and comic cons. These have taken me to many cool places and have met cool people.  I now have the help of my partner, Tasha, and friends. 

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